Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment: NG
Age: 28


Shea - Friends


Though Wes and Shea have been friends since they were young, he was separated from her for a time to train to become an assassin. His missions were often dangerous so he found comfort knowing Shea was somewhere safe and had found other friends. But when he discovered she had fled the circus, he set out to look for her even though he was carrying with him a huge secret. A secret the party would find out as he met up and traveled with them, learning that he had been experimented on by Saeldur, a name Xiara was more than familiar with. The longer he stayed, the more Shea and the rest of the group began to notice changes in his personality but were helpless to fix whatever havoc the demon’s blood was wreaking on him. When he is transformed into a half man, half demon, he must discover how to suppress the dark urges running through him long enough to possibly find a cure.