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Mateo "Teo" Tul

Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: LG
Age: 26


Lainie Tul - Adopted Sister
Lady Tul - Mother
Lord Tul - Father
Selene "Lena" Tul -


Born to one of the ruling families in Jade Cove, Teo has spent his life tucked behind the safety of the walls his ancestors helped create. When he was old enough, he joined the Jeweled Battalion, Jade Cove’s extensive army, leading a group of men in their day-to-day tasks. During a mission, Teo rescued Lena as a tiefling and brought her back to the safety of his family home. Though his family has always worshiped Pelor, he wasn’t convinced of Pelor’s light until he was kidnapped by Lena’s father, Alaemon, and spent several months in Hell. After Lena convinced him that Pelor was the only thing that felt real in their world, he became a paladin and has walked the path of the light since then in order to rescue his parents and destroy the demonic plague that has beset the world.