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Lainie Tul

Race: Air Genie
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: CG
Age: Ancient


Lena Tul - Adopted Sister
Lady Tul - Adopted Mother
Lord Tul - Adopted Father
Mateo “Teo” Tul - Adopted Brother
Xiara - Frienemy


Besides keeping track of her younger sister, Lena, Lainie’s main goal in life is to free her family that she has been with for over 250 years. Having been rescued from hell by one of the first heroes, Nix Tul, she has dedicated her long life to protecting the human Tul line. Given to Lena by Lady Tul, she has bonded with the self-deprecating tiefling over the past two years and considers her part of the family. She will stop at nothing to rescue the Tuls from Alaemon and answer the question of what happened to the air elementals.