Treasure Cave: Maya Kern

It’s that time again where we troll around the internet to find you the coolest DnD loot, send Xiara in to steal it, and put it on display! Better to have us reach into the bag of holding in case it turns out to be a bag of devouring instead.

This week, we've found something pretty cool that will allow you to not only wear your love for DnD but you can also decorate your house with it and it's made by an artist! We'd like to introduce you to Maya Kern and her awesome D&D print!

The cool thing about her design is that you can get it on multiple things and in multiple colors. Personally, we're looking at the blanket and leggings over here!

Perfect for those cold nights you and your party are exploring an ice dungeon, this blanket is sure to be a party pleaser! You can get the blanket in Plush Fleece 60x80 inches ($65), Smooth Fleece 50x60 inches ($55) or Smooth Fleece 60x80 ($65).

You can also get this same pattern in leggings and walk around with your love of DnD everywhere. These would be perfect for conventions and will run you $50. 

There are a variety of other products you can get this print in including, cups, shirts, scarves, tote bags and more! As I mentioned above, it also comes in different colors.

Maya Kern has a bunch of other prints you can get available in her shop and they can all be put on the things mentioned above. Maybe you have a mermaid in your group? Snag her mermaid design!

Or perhaps your wizard or sorcerer's birthday is coming up? She's got a pattern for that too which is available in several different colors!

So what do you think of Maya Kern's prints? Do you need a DnD inspired towel or blanket in your house? Which color would you get? We're all already arguing over here!