Discussion Post: Do you use miniatures?

This week, I want to talk about miniatures because they have been the topic of conversation lately in our game. 

When we first started out playing DnD a few years ago, our current DM brought over two huge buckets filled with miniatures of all kinds and then apologized that he'd given away most of his collection before he moved. Our group of noobs (sincerely, of the group of 8, only 2 people had actually played before) shifted through all of the minis and picked ones that we weren't attached to because we were told we had to. We were an odd bunch in that there were three women playing and the female miniatures were lacking (putting it generously).

During our next campaign, we knew so much more going into the game and worked much harder on crafting characters that would fit into the world, characters that we became attached to. That's when a few friends showed us our local game shop which had miniatures and custom paint jobs available. It became an addiction.

Flash forward to now and pretty much our entire group has their characters custom painted and we're working our way through the important NPCs and villains now! In fact, we just recently got four more in. This tiefling current has 3 different figures for Lena and is looking at purchasing another in the near future...what can I say, it's almost as addicting as dice!

I really like having miniatures that represent my character on the board. It makes the maps look more interesting, I'm more excited to move my character during fights and since Lena changes between her human illusion and tiefling appearance, I can notate which form she is in by the miniature I place on the board! 

Another great part about it is that after the game is over, you can memorialize your characters by creating cool displays for them to live in. For my last campaign, I made this for Nix and Ra, her NPC hubby ordained by the Dice Gods, to live in. It was inexpensive, easy to make and something I use all the time!

If you'd like to learn how I made it, I can eventually do a craft post!

So tell us, do you like to have custom miniatures on the board?