The Cleric Chronicles 11

Have you ever felt like you could use a clone of yourself to help you out in your everyday life? You know, like when you want to pray to Pelor for as long as possible, but even if you spent the whole day trying to pray your demon heritage away, you still wouldn’t be able to pray long enough and so if there were TWO of you, it might make a difference?

Ugh, Lainie just stole my journal AGAIN and said that my example isn’t something everyone can relate to. Okay, so what she actually said was that it was stupid but those words are hurtful and I refuse to believe them. You get my point, right journal? That sometimes you think a clone might come in handy.

Well, let me tell you, when you actually see a clone of yourself, it is much more scary. Especially when that clone was created by your evil-demon-lord-dad. Or rather, was commissioned by your evil-demon-lord-dad. When we saw most of the members of our party submerged in goo in my father’s tower, it took all of my will power not to sit on the ground and cry. Especially when I turned around and saw what I thought was a glimmer of one of the other things I used to know in Hell...but there was too much going on for me to know for sure. We ended up finding Brink and an older gnome that sort of looked like him. Lainie was afraid they might have been the real deal and decided to keep them. The rest of the party found their clones and killed them.

It was...disturbing. It was more than disturbing. It is something that will haunt my dreams.

We continued on and though I wanted nothing more than to put this room behind me, every time I looked over at Lainie and Teo, I would see this Brink and older gnome and be reminded of what we just witnessed.

Now that we got past the normal guards, we found our way into the prison. I’d been dreading getting here. Both Jinx and I had heard whispers all our lives that the guards the father stationed here were invincible. Luckily, Xi stayed back in the fight and realized that they had weaknesses. Using this observation to our advantage, we defeated the guards enough to make them fall back. Beyond them were the secret dungeons...the places father stuff prisoners that no one ever sees again. I guess this is fitting because as we walked in, I came across another face that had been burned in my mind, a face that I think of often when I’m praying to Pelor for my sins.

Lying in the dungeon, chained to a wall and forced to rot over and over again was Eris. The last of my resolve crumbled as my eyes met his. The last of what I had left propelling me forward. If I didn’t have Teo and Lainie there reminding me why I had to push forward, I would have stopped there and given up. But I needed to continue, could almost imagine it until he opened his mouth and pleaded “kill me”.

Save me,