Discussion Post: Tell us your favorite story from a campaign

One of the things we love about our campaign is that it gives us our own language to talk in. We'll be sitting at dinner, talking about our day and switch into campaign talk without even noticing. I love that we have our own language, an entire world that we populate and know about.

Since we've been playing for almost two years now, we have accumulated a lot of different stories. We like telling them over and over again, remembering new details, saying what our characters thought about in that moment or how our new characters would react.

In fact, I cherish those stories so much that I made a character who is obsessed with the history of our world so that I would know about some of them in our newest game. So let's talk about stories!

Amber: One of my favorite moments of our last game that I tend to talk a lot about is how if one of my brothers hadn't rolled well, he would have killed me. My last character, Nix, had four brothers but we really only dealt with two. The brother she liked, Archer, spent a lot of time with the party, guiding them, but she didn't get along with her oldest brother who was greedy. When she found herself alone with him, surrounded by enemies and her evil fiance, she tried to convince her brother to switch sides and stick with her. Our DM rolled. It was a 50/50 shot that he would be convinced. I needed an 11 or higher, otherwise my character would have either been killed or kidnapped. Our DM rolled an 11 and had my older brother kill my fiance instead in a surprise attack. There have been several moments like that that have left me on the edge of my seat but that is one of my favorites!

Brian (who plays Brink): When I asked him this question, he mentioned really enjoying the time we were fighting a huge dragon toward the end of the campaign. He played a Goliath barbarian then and had gotten too far away from the fray. In order to get there quicker, he used a catapult on the wall to launch himself onto the dragon's back. 

Sam (who plays Xiara and is our artist): She mentioned a recent fight we had in our current campaign with a psychotic clown named Shako that altered her character's fate and Lena's fate forever. There will be a longer series of comics on that coming up so that's something to watch out for!

There are a few stories we love! Please tell us some of your favorite moments in your own campaigns!