Discussion Post: What's your favorite class?

So last week, we asked you what your favorite race is to play. This week, we want to know about your favorite class! Do you like magic users or are you all about smashing in a baddy’s face with a warhammer?

In our group, we’re pretty heavily magic users, at least at first. So much so, in fact, that we had to make most of our NPCs melee characters so that we didn’t all die squashy little magic user deaths. In general, this tiefling always chooses magic characters because they can do a bunch of AOE damage and I like the idea of being able to control the elements. It makes me feel powerful. Plus, casters usually get to wear cloth which means I get to picture pretty dresses. (yes, I’m that lame).

If we have guest players coming in, I always direct them to the melee classes though because they are so much easier to learn. The spellcasting system in 5e isn’t overly complicated but it is definitely extensive and not worth it if you’ll only be playing one game. I have been enjoying the customization of it, especially with a few homebrew rules we’ve added.

In our group currently we have a cleric (which is yours truly, clerics rock! All hail Pelor!), two rogues, a sorceress, a paladin, a ranger, a fighter, two druids, a berserker and an alchemist. Basically, we’re all squashy unless you see a brawler type and then they are an NPC (accept for our brand new berserker pal)!

So, what canon class do you like to play and why do you think it’s the best (there are only two right answers, cleric and wizard)? Do you have a favorite non-canon class?