The Cleric Chronicles 7

Teo’s back, Teo’s back, Teo’s back!!! Well, okay, so he isn’t back, back. Like he isn’t the same. But considering he’s spent what equals to be about two months in hell, I think he’s doing pretty well. He jumps at small sounds and mutters under his breath to himself all the time but he’s still breathing and that’s enough for me for right now.

And with Teo, came Ari and Caiman. They described their trip into hell in frightening detail and we found out that my father was using some strange machine though we didn’t know what it did.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is we found out pretty quickly what that machine was for. The moment the portal closed, all hell broke lose in Albion. We saw demonic figures beginning to float in the sky and even Wes was being pulled toward the heavens. We realized that all demons were being called to the sky and figured out that Father was using the stones we’d been collecting and the machine Ari told us about to open a portal into heaven.

While the rest of the party ran into the tower, I looked up into the sky, frightened at what we had inadvertently helped father achieve and realized that a new, horrible star had been born into the sky. This one flashed red, purple and black, and what’s worse, it called to me. Even as I was helping Teo into the tower, I could feel its pull, its almost irresistible beckoning.

Oh, I should mention that at this point, the party still didn’t know I was a tiefling. Imagine if I wouldn’t have resisted its call and floated up into the air to go to the heavens? That would have been quite a shock!

Luckily, Pelor knew my mission was important and allowed me to reject that part of myself.

That luck didn’t carry me very long though. After escaping into the tower, we were transported to a beach where we met a tiefling. The group still didn’t know I was one and most of them had never seen one before. This particular tiefling was evil. I could feel it the moment we came near though that didn’t stop2 Butter from trying to save him. After mining him for information, Xi fulfilled her end of a bargain she made with him, dropping a knife for him to kill himself.

Even though Butter tried to stop him, she wasn’t fast enough and he died. Watching him bleed out on the beach felt like watching the party turn their back on me. If they couldn’t accept this random tiefling, if they couldn’t believe that one they didn’t know could be redeemed, how could they ever believe in me when they find out what I really am?

To say that I was scared would be as big of an understatement as saying I sort of like Pelor. Even though this nameless tiefling died on the beach that day, it might as well have been me. I tried to suck it up, to remind myself that there are some individuals out there like Teo who could see through my demonic outside, but their attitude left me feeling helpless.

Our mission is so important that I didn’t have too long to dwell on it.

So remember that giant turtle I was talking about before? Well, we headed for it. We wound up in this ancient temple that belonged to one of the heroes of the past, a mermaid named Keeley. She played a huge role in shaping Jade Cove into the mecha of races it is today and she...well, I could go on about everything I know but my ink is running low so suffice to say, I was pretty excited.

But the most exciting thing happened just after that in a secret tunnel we stumbled on. We’d set up camp for the night and Teo had finally regained his mind enough to talk to him. I wanted to know if he was okay, what my father did to him hell and most importantly, I wanted him to know that I understood it was my fault he was down in hell in the first place.

The real thing I wanted to know, the real question hung on the tip of my tongue the entire conversation, something I could never manage to ask was whether he could forgive me. Because if he said yes, I would know I didn’t deserve it and if he said no, I don’t think I could live with myself. So instead of focusing on my own suffering, I decided to take away his by telling him my trick for remembering I’m out of hell now. And that trick is Pelor’s light. No matter how hard Father tries, he can’t replicate that warmth. That’s why I was drawn to Him so long ago, because it was the only thing that assured me I was no longer in hell. Once Teo realized that, he completely transformed.

I would like to say that it was only figuratively but I’d be lying. His arm literally transformed and a sword of pure light was placed in his hand. It was then that he took an oath to protect the innocent with everything he had. It was then that he finally accepted Pelor’s light into his own life. It was then that I realized that I could work for it my whole life and never be good enough for him.

The next day, we spoke with a giant serpent that seemed to be scary to everyone but Butter, and headed onward to the giant turtle. Now, when Lainie talked about this thing, I thought she just meant a really big turtle, like the size of a person. As it turns out, she actually meant a turtle so large that it is considered a floating island. And living on its back is a Sage we must speak with.

It seems like lately every time we get good news, we are also handed some bad news with it. Because as soon as we arrived, we found out that Saeldur had been walking our same path accept that he’s AHEAD of us. That means that we are obviously going after the same thing.

And for some ridiculous reason, all of the creatures we’ve been encountering don’t necessarily believe in the light but are neutral so they don’t really care who finds out important information as long as they seem true in their cause.

We’ve tried explaining to them that by describing Saeldur as “true” you are actually talking about someone TRULY evil but they don’t seem to understand. Seriously, there have been a few times so far where I thought Xi might actually kill someone. She’s managing but I really think she would benefit if she had Pelor’s light to fall back on.

Re-note to self: Really push Pelor’s light on Xi. Maybe use the light cantrip on her more? She seems to really like being bathed in white light. What rogue wouldn’t?

After completing some trials, we find ourselves on the back of a giant turtle. So we’re talking to it and do you know what Butter asks it after we’ve exhausted all of our questions? Whether it has an itch it needs scratched. Imagine that!

Now we’re heading toward this Sage. I don’t know what advice he will be able to give us besides run. Especially now that Father has breached the heavens. But we will see. I’m not sure if Pelor is guiding me here or if he is too busy with the war stirring in the heavens. I know that even if he can’t help me right now, it’s my duty to aid him in his time of need. My father is coming for him and we have to find a way to stop him before it is too late.

May healing light fill you,