Discussion Post: Do you like roleplaying or fighting?

This week, let’s talk game mechanics. Specifically we want to know why you play the game. Do you prefer getting into your character, getting to be someone else for a while and talk to your friends as that character? Or do you live for the fight, for learning the rules only to break them and getting to use magic and steel to smite your enemies?

For the most part in our group, it seems like it differs between what character each person is playing. I love roleplaying but it is definitely harder. There are a set of guidelines for fighting, rules to fall back on but anything goes in roleplaying and if someone asks you a question you aren’t ready for, you have to think on your feet. When we fight, I keep the initiative order so I’m active in every part of the fighting. All that being said, I’m usually much more engaged in what is happening during role play.

Brink’s player says he really enjoyed fighting with his barbarian last game but because Brink has so much personality in this game, he has started to enjoy roleplaying more.

Honestly, I feel like there is a sweet spot in the game where about half of the game is an epic fight with puzzles to solve and the other half is roleplaying time. It gives the game enough variety and keeps the pacing perfect.

So we want to know, do you enjoy fighting more or are you all about the roleplay?