Treasure Cave: MageStudio

It’s that time again where we troll around the internet to find you the coolest DnD loot, send Xiara in to steal it, and put it on display! Better to have us reach into the bag of holding in case it turns out to be a bag of devouring instead.

This week, we're featuring MageStudio and it's an essential for every female (and guys, if you want them!) to have. MageStudio does all sort of beautiful dice jewelry. I have a set that I wear all the time. Check this out:

This pendant necklace is classy and a little bit nerdy! Plus, the color of the dice is gorgeous. This one seems perfect for a dressy occasion where you still want the room to know how you roll. It retails for $21.

If you're looking for something a little less dressy, they also have this necklace. It comes in a variety of colors, you can pick the color of your chain and how long you want your chain to be. This necklace only cost $16 and is perfect for every occasion!

If you would prefer, you can show off dice by wearing them as earrings. These will be a bit more hidden with your hair down but you can still rest assured in the fact that you're wearing D4's for the world to see. Though these are funky colors, the come in a variety of colors and dice. They run $10.99.

Finally, you can snag a dice to keep your keys company. This one is actually new to me but I think it is adorable and will guarantee that it is much harder for the party rogue to swipe your keys! This runs $15.99.

So which of these cute DnD inspired accessories would you want in your life? I think I need them all!