Discussion Post: Tell us about your favorite ever DnD character you've played!

This week, we want to get personal. We’ve asked about your favorite class, race and edition but now we’d like to know about your favorite character you’ve ever role played.

Our games over here are very personal. We dig deep into our character’s lives, give them full backstories, personalities, interests, dislikes and as many ties to the world we play in as we can.

For instance, we are playing in a world we established in our last campaign. It is the same land our previous characters worked so hard to save but it is 250 years in the future. My human fire mage, Nix Dorsey, has been dead for at least 150 years but while she was alive she helped protect the city that my current campaign character, Lena, is so fond of. She married one of the NPCs from the last game (which was designed by the dice Gods, like legit, anytime she rolled against him she rolled a Nat 1 and fell into his arms) and now my current campaign character pretended be part of that family line even though it ended up being our paladin who is descended from her family line. I loved playing her sarcastic, vivacious tenacity so much. While Lena is welcoming to everyone, Nix didn’t let people in until they provided themselves but once she considered you a friend, you were a friend for the rest of her life.

So tell us all about your favorite character you’ve played or one you have the back burner that you can’t wait to play!