Discussion Post: What edition is your favorite?

This week, we’re talking editions. Whether you’re a Pathfinder kind of gamer or you’ve stuck with DnD from the beginning, we want to know which is your favorite.

The last campaign our group played was in 4e and it was...well, let’s just go right out and say it, it was NOT good. During the first few levels, the power imbalance wasn’t noticeable but as our characters grew, it became abundantly clear how broken some of the classes were. The magic user classes we selected ended up doing very minimal damage compared to the melee users, had considerable less health and even with massive buffs could barely hit anything. As a human wizard in that campaign, this tiefling was NOT a happy firestarter.

After doing quite a bit of research on 5e and spending three months during the ending of our last campaign reading through 5e to help with the transition, I was confident that this new edition would help fix most of the imbalance we were suffering from. Though we have been taking this campaign really slow, we can already tell that 5e is more balanced and also much more customizable, at least from this magic user’s standpoint.

Our DM swears by 3.5 but has agreed that 5e has the structure of 4e with the benefits of being able to customize your character like 4e.

So what is your favorite edition of DnD or do you like Pathfinder?