Discussion Post: What is your favorite race to play?

Over here at TPK, there is always a lot of debates going on. There are seven of us playing in our campaign and that isn’t even included our DM, so you can imagine how many, ahem, “friendly” discussions we have!

One of the most common things we talk about is the best race to play in the game. The player of a certain grumpy rogue and even the player of a sweet little satyr both often state that playing a human character is silly since this game is a chance for them to be something completely different (though the rogue doesn’t usually say it so nicely). Whereas, this little tiefling, loves the human race for how short their lives are. If you want to play a rash, headstrong or explosive character, humans are the perfect choice since in comparison to most of the other races, they live a short time.

In general with our group, we don’t really look at the benefits of what each race will get until after we’ve decided on personalities. It’s never really been too much about stats for us and more about how the race and stats will affect the characters we’ve already created in our heads.

Right now in our group, we have three humans, one tiefling, one genie, one air elemental, one dryad, one halfling, one gnome, one elf, one satyr and a drakin. Looking at that list, I’d say that humans are winning this one!

So what race in the book is your favorite and do you pick it with a character in mind or for the stats?