Treasure Cave: Uber Dungeon

It’s that time again where we troll around the internet to find you the coolest DnD loot, send Xiara in to steal it, and put it on display! Better to have us reach into the bag of holding in case it turns out to be a bag of devouring instead.

This week, we're going to feature another product we've tested and fallen in love with. Before, I'd mentioned how I have a dice problem. It became too cumbersome to carry around all those little square containers filled with dice so I went looking for an adorable dice bag. What I found didn't disappoint...

The bag pictured above is from Uber Dungeon. In our group, foxes have always been a big thing for us. Besides being adorable, they always show up in our game for one reason or another. So when I found a dice bag with a fox on it, I knew I had to snag some for the entire group. While the rest of the group got the smaller size (which is still rather roomy), I got myself a bigger size.

I love that these bags come in a variety of colors and you can customize them with your own logos. They make for great gifts for everybody in your party and are incredibly sturdy. We've had our for well over a year at this point and they are still going strong.

They retail for between $25.00 to $35.00 and arrive at your doorstep really quickly. I barely had time to look forward to them being here and I was already handing them out to the group.

What do you think? Would you order these dice bags and what symbol would you put on yours?