Treasure Cave: HowManyDragons Etsy Shop

It’s that time where we troll around the internet to find you the coolest DnD loot, send Xiara in to steal it, and put it on display! Better to have us reach into the bag of holding in case it turns out to be a bag of devouring instead.

So for our first ever loot post, we wanted to display something we’ve tested ourselves and fallen in love with. Over here, most to the TPKers are crazy in love with dice. This TPKer, in fact, has what the others calls a “dice problem”. So any chance I get to wear my love around outside is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Knowing this fact, our resident grumpy rogue decided to grab me this adorable dragon and dice necklace from HowManyDragons. Though you had choice of colors, I wanted a gold dragon since in our last campaign, one of my NPCs had a pet golden dragon that was killed in one of the final battles. For $32.00, you really can't go wrong!

It arrived in a timely manner and was packed beautifully. There is so much detail on the tiny dragon and it goes with pretty much everything. I’ve owned it for several months now and it has held up even though I wear it quite often!

Among the many other adorable things in their shop are dragons that will hold your dice. Just like with the necklace, you can pick out what color you want your dragon and dice so the combinations are endless. These adorable little helpers will run you $43.00 but you can bet your D20 will always be safe with a dragon!

What do you think about these little dragon companions?