The Cleric Chronicles 2

I want to start out by saying that I didn’t want any of this happen. No one will believe me because I’m Alaemon’s daughter but I really don’t want him to win. If I had it my way, he’d be trapped in some sort of magic item for all eternity. But sometimes though, your hands are tied behind your back. If the choices I made only affected me, that would be one thing. But it was Lady and Lord Tul who were counting on me to keep them alive. It was Teo… the first human to ever show me kindness, the man who brought me back to his home, knowing that I’m a monster and refusing to believe that there was evil in me just because of my heritage.

Whatever my part to play in the events that transpire next, I did it for them.

That isn’t a good enough excuse but it’s the only one I have.

So like I was saying, we met up with Ari, Shea, Caiman, Brink and Butter in a town with talking animals and headed out to find Ari’s mother. Things didn’t start taking a bad turn until we ran across one of my oldest friends, Xiara.

We’d run into some undead on the road but that’s not unusual. Rumors of Albion’s roadways being fraught with danger run rampant, especially within the walls of Jade Cove. But by the time we made it into a forest, we’d seen more than our fair share of dangers. It didn’t help that Ari explained that she, Shea and Caiman had escaped a circus and that their old ringleader, Amos, was looking for her. Oh, and he forced her to marry him. Ari mentioned something about him being after more than just her cat tail but I’ve thought about it long and hard, and can’t see where she’d keep more than one tail… If I figure out this strange sentiment, I’ll let you know but for now, it remains a mystery.

Anyway, we found out that Amos had hired a bunch of people to track down Ari which is why I was immediately suspicious when we ran into Xiara in the middle of a forest way far away from Jade Cove. I knew she took on odd jobs for gold and it seemed like too much of a coincidence for her to be where we were. Xi has always been...spirited? I don’t know, I feel bad for saying that she’s often grumpy but I think she just needs to find Pelor’s light in the world. That’d turn her frown upside down!

Note to self, talk to her more about Pelor.

It became clear to us that Xiara was there to track down Ari but once some of the men in her crew stopped taking orders, we realized that they might not be serving her at all. After an unfortunate attack, several changed from humans to demons and I found Beleth’s symbol inside their skin (see, I told you things were about to get WAY more dangerous). I’d already assumed Father had his hands in this mess we found ourselves in, since it seems like Father lives to torment me, but the Demon Lord Beleth was a shock, especially since he never got along with Father.

Xi has never been shy about hating demons (okay, yes, the things she use to say when we would meet up for drinks about my kind DID hurt. Most of them were true but I always wanted to shout that we weren’t all least, I want to believe that I’m not bad…) and when she found out she had been working for one, well, it wasn’t pretty. She decided that she should join our ragtag team to get us through the woods since there were at least 20 more hired groups.

You’d think that would be it. That we’d have experienced enough danger for the rest of our lives. But no, that was just the beginning of our demon experience.

What we needed was a good night’s rest and a plate full of angel food cake. What we got was the entrance of a mysterious stranger, clothed in black, heading directly for our tired little party.

But like always, that’s a story for another time. The fire light is getting low and if I don’t stoke it, they’ll know I wasn’t paying too much attention on my watch. And then I’ll have to give a pep talk to raise my team’s spirits and it just gets too messy.

Love and Pelor’s Light.