The Cleric Chronicles 1

Celeric Chronicles.png

So Albion, the world we live in, is in some real trouble. And not like, I stained mud on my new dress trouble. I’m talking, got-the-attention-of-my-Dad trouble. Oh, I didn’t mention it because it isn’t something one wants to bring up in polite conversation (or any conversation, really), but my dad is a Demon Lord from Hell. If you ask him, he’ll say he’s THE Demon Lord from Hell but that’s just his ego talking.

See there have been some strange things happening in Albion as of late. It all started for me and my big sis, Lainie, when our adopted parents were kidnaped by my real dad. In order to find them, we set out on an adventure after I got a vision from Pelor to lead a young catgirl to her mother. I thought that maybe if I did something selfless like that, then Pelor would guide me to our parents. Well, it turns out that we were wrong. It’s actually pretty incredible how someone like me bathed in Pelor’s light could be so in the dark.

Our mission lead us to this town filled with talking animals! Seriously, they were doing all manners of jobs. There was even this otter guard that we almost got to accompany us. He was so cute in his little armor! But anyway, I’m getting distracted. Lainie says that happens a lot, but she doesn’t understand that my mind works fast. It has to when you’ve grown up in Hell.

We went into this little tavern where we found the only catgirl we’ve ever seen and man, was she pretty. Her name was Ari and she had the longest hair I’ve ever seen, filled with shiny baubles and braids. She was sitting next to this strange guy in a hood. Every time he looked our way, his features seemed to glimmer silver but when you focused on his face, it stopped. There was also a girl with a green hue to her skin and short red hair that almost looked leaves. It took us a few minutes to get acquainted, especially since Teo was with us and he can look...intimidating in his shiny silver armor. But if they had just looked into his gentle green eyes, they would have known…

I’m going to leave that one alone. Who’s blushing? I’m not.

Anyway, it was hard getting them to trust us since I’m not great at first introductions. I forget that not everyone feels Pelor’s light the way I do so even though my mission might have come off a little strange to them, they seemed interested enough to give me a chance. Ari introduced the strange treelike girl as Shea and the man in the hood as Caiman and they’ve been traveling with us ever since.

We also came across Butter and Brink there. I mean, how could we not? They were at the bar making such a ruckus, it would’ve been impossible not to notice the little satyr girl and the gnome gentleman with the crazy blue hair. After overhearing our mission, they decided to join us too.

So remember that trouble I was talking about? We’re getting to it, and quickly. I had no idea that by bringing together this small party, we’d attract the attention of not just one demon lord, but two. Things go from talking animals to carving out demon sigils from underneath skin in the blink of the eye.

But that’s a story for another time. Lainie’s giving me the stink eye because it’s way past time to rest. I’ve depleted all my magic for the day and if I don’t regain some energy soon, I won’t be able to  harness Pelor’s light for the sake of my party. They won’t admit it, but they need me not only for my magic but because I’m their leader. ;)

Pelor’s light be with you,