The Cleric Chronicles 13

It must have been my preoccupation with Lilith or my excitement at being able to free so many of father’s prisoners after Lilith left. I’ll happily blame what happened next on either of those things. Because what I did today was stupid, even for me. I’d just finished telling the party that I would lead them through the rest of my father’s tower when we walked into a hallway, the crowd of twenty or so prisoners following behind me. My steps echoed on the stone wall with a confidence that was altogether unlike me, even though we hadn’t managed to find Lady Tul among the other prisoners.  

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Discussion Post: Tell us your favorite story from a campaign

One of the things we love about our campaign is that it gives us our own language to talk in. We'll be sitting at dinner, talking about our day and switch into campaign talk without even noticing. I love that we have our own language, an entire world that we populate and know about.

Since we've been playing for almost two years now, we have accumulated a lot of different stories. We like telling them over and over again, remembering new details, saying what our characters thought about in that moment or how our new characters would react.

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The Cleric Chronicles 12

There’s something you need to understand about my childhood, something that most people never will...Hell is a lonely place and sometimes, the only way to cope is to make friends. That is why I risked befriending Eris even though every bone in my body told me not to. When Lilith found out about my friendship with Eris, she told father.

And father gave Eris to Lilith.

He called me into his throne room and made Eris look into my face...told him that what followed next was my fault. I was never allowed to see Eris again from that point on.

But I could hear him.

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Treasure Cave: Maya Kern

It’s that time again where we troll around the internet to find you the coolest DnD loot, send Xiara in to steal it, and put it on display! Better to have us reach into the bag of holding in case it turns out to be a bag of devouring instead.

This week, we've found something pretty cool that will allow you to not only wear your love for DnD but you can also decorate your house with it and it's made by an artist! We'd like to introduce you to Maya Kern and her awesome D&D print!

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Discussion Post: Do you use miniatures?

This week, I want to talk about miniatures because they have been the topic of conversation lately in our game. 

When we first started out playing DnD a few years ago, our current DM brought over two huge buckets filled with miniatures of all kinds and then apologized that he'd given away most of his collection before he moved. Our group of noobs (sincerely, of the group of 8, only 2 people had actually played before) shifted through all of the minis and picked ones that we weren't attached to because we were told we had to. We were an odd bunch in that there were three women playing and the female miniatures were lacking (putting it generously).

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The Cleric Chronicles 11

Have you ever felt like you could use a clone of yourself to help you out in your everyday life? You know, like when you want to pray to Pelor for as long as possible, but even if you spent the whole day trying to pray your demon heritage away, you still wouldn’t be able to pray long enough and so if there were TWO of you, it might make a difference?

Ugh, Lainie just stole my journal AGAIN and said that my example isn’t something everyone can relate to.

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The Cleric Chronicles 10

There isn’t a pit deep enough, a ratty hole dark enough, a torture painful enough to exact upon Lilith, the tiefling who dares call herself my sister. Even now, even right this second, I can feel coldness twisting through my veins as my anger turns my world into dry ice. Father’s influence has grown stronger in me during our time here.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lilith didn’t show her Pelor-shaming face quite yet.

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Several Creative Ways to Get Into Character

So you've spent the time to create a character you love, you've written up a backstory, you've given your DM several places and NPCs that are important to your new character, you have all of their stats and a few basic events that were important to their lives ready to go. You sit down at on the couch (or at the computer screen), ready to open your mouth when another player asks you what your character's favorite food to it is and you have no idea what to say.

For a lot of us, that scenario up there is our worst fear. Improv is what makes role playing games fun but it is also stressful because no matter how much you prepare, you can still be blindsided. 

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DM Quick Tips: How to Handle Not Railroading Your Players

“Ok, so I want to sneak off into the forest.” - Player

“A giant hand picks you up and carries you back to town.” - Dungeon Master

Is one of your players asleep for a session? Well, ok, maybe they had a hard week. But if it’s the same player every week for three months…you could be railroading them!!

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The Cleric Chronicles 9

Hell isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s cold all the time. But not like winter cold. More like grave cold, so cold that it eats through your bones and takes a freezing bite out of your soul. If you have a soul that is. And the sun never rises. It never falls either. It just sits suspended halfway in the sky, eclipsed and red, so that you never know what time it is. Sleep is meaningless. So is trying to keep your sanity.

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The Cleric Chronicles 8

Remember when I was doubting the Sage because I didn’t think he would have anything useful to tell us? Well, who has two horns and was right? This tiefling. Okay, well, to be fair, most of my party wouldn’t have known how to answer that one. But I was right.

It took forever to reach him and when we did, the only useful information we got was that hell was empty while the rest of the demons were waging war in the heavens. He also offered to open up a portal for us but honestly, how much can you trust someone when they say they have the power to open up a hell portal?

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The Cleric Chronicles 7

eo’s back, Teo’s back, Teo’s back!!! Well, okay, so he isn’t back, back. Like he isn’t the same. But considering he’s spent what equals to be about two months in hell, I think he’s doing pretty well. He jumps at small sounds and mutters under his breath to himself all the time but he’s still breathing and that’s enough for me for right now.

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