Wilbur "Billy" Boffin

Race: Halfling
Class: Fighter
Alignment: CG
Age: 40


Xiara - Friends


Spending several years of his life in a slave labor camp, when he was finally freed he began to speak out against the people that ran it to anyone that would listen. After Xiara was hired to bring him in for revealing the atrocities of the camp, she found out the truth and together, they killed the man who had tormented so many others. Deciding to stick with the woman who helped him escape and realizing that she might require a shove to do the right thing every now and again, Billy became her right hand man and helped her keep her group of hired hands in order. When Xiara met up with the rest of the party and realized that her goals aligned with them, Billy stuck by her side, easily making friends with the rest of the group and taking up the mantle of (badly) cooking every night around the campfire.