We’re a group of adventurers wandering the forgotten world of Albion, battling all sorts of demons, monsters and dragons...at least, that’s what we like to pretend we’re doing! In reality, we’re a group of eight friends meeting weekly to play a role playing game for joy of creating a shared story that we’re all passionate about. Every week, the story, the world and the characters we’ve created to inhabit the world grow and expand. This website is a way to share some of those wonderful stories and funny moments with you!


When we first decided to start playing, most of us had no idea how much we’d enjoy the game and fall in love with this story of ours. We knew there were artists among us, but not one that would become inspired to tell our tales through comics, we knew there were creatives but not people that would dive into their characters and help all of immerse in the world the way we have and we knew there were writers, but not that they’d be inspired to share our stories through written words and our love of the game through nearly daily blog posts.


Here’s a little bit about the team who helped create, inspire and maintain Total Party Komics.


Our DM extraordinaire, Chad Lorenz, spends plenty of hours every week carefully crafting the world of Albion and the folks our party will encounter there. From building encounters to spending hours talking about character development and backstory with each individual player, his imagination is near endless. He is also an aspiring novelist. You can catch some of glimpses of how he puts the game together in his weekly DM Tips posts which he draws on almost 20 years of DMing to create, his comics with the artist, all of the antics the NPCs get into (and there are a lot including Billy, Teo, Rylo, Wes, Slyphie, Kora, and more) and other posts when he feels so inspired!


Keep in touch with Chad on Twitter at @chadthedm.


Our resident artist who faithfully draws at least three comics a week is Samantha Silva, who plays our favorite grumpy rogue Xiara. She has been drawing ever since she picked up a pencil but began taking her artwork seriously during high school. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, she began selling her artwork at conventions and started her own online comic. A latecomer to the group, she joined the adventurers of TPK and has been drawing their adventures ever since. The joy the members get out of seeing their characters from snippets of the sessions inspires her to keep drawing and the love of crafting how each character looks pushes her ever onwards.


Keep in touch with Samantha on Twitter as either @jadedjynx, @totalpartykomic and @xiara_sylvar.


As it turns out, the group also has a professional writer. Amber Mitchell graduated college with a degree in Creative Writing and her first YA fantasy novel, GARDEN OF THORNS, was released from Entangled Teen publishing in March of 2017. When she isn’t plugging away in her own fantasy worlds, she’s writing snippets from this one in short (or sometimes, very long) scenes. This is both very amusing and probably very tedious to most of the members but definitely serves to add flavor to the games. You can find her posting all the time under the Cleric Chronicles, Treasure Caves, Discussion Posts or anything else that doesn’t have someone else’s name attached to it (like this very post here).


Keep in touch with Amber Mitchell on Twitter at @amberinblunderl, @totalpartykomic or @lena_tul!