Magic may slip through your fingers, but friendship can heal all wounds.

Here is the final part of the Edge of Insanity series, which altered two of our characters for the rest of the campaign. We are still feeling the effects of this fight (almost three months later).

Lena won't appear without her fingers in future comics as it is a logistics nightmare but we all loved this fight so much, we wanted to share it. If you liked it, please leave a comment or like it. It'd me a lot.

The Grand Finale

Can someone get this guy a cane so he can finally get off stage?

This is part of our "The Edge of Insanity" story like the Wes one before. There are going to punches and there are going to be lines, but don't expect punchlines from this series of comics. This is the story that altered two character's lives irrevocably.

There will be 8 comics in this story and this is the 7th. Tune in on Monday to read the conclusion. Please tell us what you think!